Warehousing for Web Based Customers

Warehousing for Web Based Customers, e fulfilmentExalt Group, through its Warehousing and Freight divisions, is rapidly becoming known and accepted as the leading providers of Fulfilment Solutions for online retailers, sellers and web-based businesses.

Since Exalt commenced warehousing services in 2006, one of the primary focuses of the business has and will remain the delivery of market leading solutions designed around online businesses, retailers and ebay traders. This commitment is met through a range of individual services and solutions, which form together as a package for its customers providing a highly customised and cost effective solution.

  • Activity based order charges
  • No minimum charges, or setup fees
  • Simple, automated electronic integration with all customers
  • Acceptance and advice to new and startup businesses
  • Variable competitive rates even for low transaction customers
  • Wide range of low cost freight options
  • Pre-negotiated zero re-delivery and remote surcharges on freight
  • Fast and accurate order turnaround
  • Wide range of low cost packaging options
  • Ability to customise charges in line with product value
  • Discount incentives for increased order activity
  • Totally transparent rate schedule, no EXTRA charges


There are a large number of benefits associated to using an Exalt Warehousing and Distribution solution to service the requirements of web-based customers, including reduced costs, variable charging, flexibility, ability to focus on sales and marketings and much more.

The most important benefit, which is reduced costs, is achieved through the removal of fixed costs to your business such as building rents, staff and salaries, equipment, packaging etc. All charges with Exalt are fully variable ensuring no large bills, on weeks with low activity. Furthermore with the volume rates Exalt has on a number of freight options, customers can save thousands on annual freight charges, and remove all of the headaches associated managing freight providers.

In addition to the costs benefits your business will be backed by a specialist, professional Logistics provider, able to grow and redesign your requirements as your business changes in the future. By not having to manage the Logistics you and your staff will be able to focus on building activity and customer base, and you can be confident your service to existing customers will be of the highest standard in the market.

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Exalt Fulfilment is able to tailor a Warehousing or Fulfilment solution to any size and type of business, at a guaranteed overall higher service level and lower cost. Visit the customer section of the website to find out more information:

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Exalt Group is a dynamic forward thinking organisation, with a strategy of changing the way suppliers and customers currently work and interact. The goal of Exalt is to deliver consistently competitive rates to all customers, yet work with service providers to ensure revenue and profitability is maintained. To find out more information about Exalt Group visit the About Us section of the website. More..

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