Warehousing Storage Pick Pack Distribution in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and nationwide

Warehousing Storage Pick Pack Distribution in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and nationwideExalt Fulfilment is the dedicated 3rd party warehousing division of Exalt Group.

Specialising in the design and implementation of customised warehousing solutions, Exalt Fulfilment leads the market in the service of B2B, B2C, online sellers, ebay stores, and companies with a large percentage direct to home delivery.

By utilising the capabilities of its in-house developed, Warehouse Management Software, Exalt Fulfilment can offer a range of services including receipting, storage, high volume pick and pack and much more.

Flexibility . Speed . Accuracy . Value

A Fulfilment solution allows customers of all sizes to able to receive, store, pick, pack and distribute their products. Exalt’s customers enjoy all of these services at rates usually accesible to customers spending hundreds of thousands per year and at an overall cost significantly lower than trying to do the work in-house.

Download the warehousing overview document, with details about the fulfilment solution and answers to the most frequently asked questions. More..

To assist smaller businesses with costing, and to simplify the billing process, Exalt Fulfilment can offer an activity based costing model, ensuring charges increase and decrease in line with activity, with no minimum costs, but total flexibility. In most cases customers can pass this full cost to their buyers, resulting in overall increased profit.

Most customers also opt to combine a warehousing solution with a customised freight solution. This is delivered though Exalt’s own internal freight division (EFS), delivering further cost benefits to customers.

Exalt Fulfilment invite you to compare your current business and supplier costs to our standard rates and see for yourself how much lost profit your business may be missing out on.

Warehousing and Fulfilment Services

A Fulfilment solution consists of a number of different warehouse services customised to individual requirements. Click on any of the service links below for more information, or visit the service page for a full listing. More..

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fulfilment, is warehousing right for my business, how much will this service cost, how quickly can I move my product ? Download our Frequently asked questions document, to find out answers to these any all other aspects of this service. More..

About Us

Exalt Group is a dynamic forward thinking organisation, with a strategy of changing the way suppliers and customers currently work and interact. The goal of Exalt is to deliver consistently competitive rates to all customers, yet work with service providers to ensure revenue and profitability is maintained. To find out more information about Exalt Group visit the About Us section of the website. More..

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What is Fulfilment, and is warehousing right for my business ? Download our Frequently asked questions document. More..

Exalt Fulfilment
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Exalt Group head office is located in Sydney but provides all services Nationwide.